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Opportunity Management

Greetings beloved!
I believe you are exploring the Divine Opportunities God has been presenting to you this month. As we conclude our discussions on Divine Opportunities today, I will like us to look at Opportunity Management.

Opportunity Management is the ability to improve on yourself, maintain and manage the opportunities given to you. In our reference,we see that David understood how to manage opportunity. After he found himself in a position of honour, “he behaved himself wisely” and from that behaviour, King Saul set him above all the men of war, he was also accepted by everyone.

What takes you to the place of opportunity may not keep you there, you must grow, you must increase your capacity for that opportunity and future opportunities. This is because every opportunity is an avenue for a greater opportunity.

Also, every relationship is an opportunity- whether good or bad. People around us are opportunities whether our superior or subordinate. So let’s cultivate healthy relationships.

How do I manage Opportunities?

1.Be very grateful. Philemon 1:6
The people around you are gifts, the work you find doing is a gift, your character is a gift, your talents are gifts.

Have a heart of appreciation. Everything you appreciate increases in value. A man who doesn’t appreciate what he has will lose it.

2. Be Excellence-Oriented always.
There’s always room for you to work on yourself. Continuous self-improvement sustains you in the place of opportunity.

Keep working on yourself. The more you improve yourself, the better you become. That you carry God in you is not an excuse for mediocrity.

Daniel excelled above his equals because he was excellence oriented.

In conclusion, being Excellence-Oriented is a process not a state, with it you are always set up for opportunities.
Remain blessed!

Author: Pst. James Pelemo
References: 1st Samuel 18:5.

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