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Making the Most of Divine Opportunity

I like to welcome you to February, the month of Divine Opportunity!

In the course of the month, we will run a series looking at different aspects of Divine Opportunity such as Opportunity Management, the training of the Opportunity.
But today, we start with what Divine Opportunity is.

Divine opportunity is the juncture where things happen divinely. It is a favourable juncture or circumstance that creates a good chance for advancement and progress. For instance, Abraham and Sarah had an encounter with an opportunity that changed their lives for good. Genesis 18:1-15

With any opportunity, sensitivity matters a lot. We need to be sensitive in the Spirit to fully understand that a particular circumstance is an opportunity sent from God.

Opportunity comes with Personal responsibility. Opportunity doesn’t usually come when we expect it, it comes in ‘work clothes’ and It comes with blessings.

Being trained by God makes all the difference. It helps you to be sensitive to Divine Opportunity and enables you to fully harness opportunity when it comes. Everyday brings about opportunities, our determination enables us face it.

It is important to note that challenges/ problems are breakthroughs and blessings in disguise, they make us stronger.

There are three types of opportunity:
Harnessed opportunity
Untapped opportunity
Missed opportunity

How do I make the most of the opportunity given to me by God?

There must be a mental engagement.
Technical preparation (handiwork). In our various occupations/ professions more work needs to be done. Get more training, improve your skills.
In our character, there must be a constant development to enable us use our opportunity to the fullest and get back good rewards.
Having foresight separates you from being a regular, it makes all the difference. A man of foresight does not walk with the crowd.
Zacchaeus was a man of foresight. He knew that the limitation of his height will not allow him see Jesus in the crowd so he ran ahead of the crowd and climbed the tree in order to see Jesus.

Courage is also important in making the most of Divine Opportunity. Courage is not the absence of fear but the determination to take the needed action in spite of the fear.

Taking responsibility as mentioned earlier brings about maturity. For every time you take responsibility you are positioning yourself for Divine Opportunity.

On a final note, opportunity needs to be recognised. A recognised opportunity brings about the fulfilment of the time of life.

References- 2 Kings 4:8, 1 Samuel 17:15-37, Ecclesiastes 9:7

By Pastor James Pelemo

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James Pelemo

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