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Identifying Business Opportunities

God has deposited treasures in everyone but it remains fallow until it is “broken up”…(activated); then God will be delighted.

God wants us to have businesses that will outlive us. He wants us to have trans-generational wealth.Financial independence that is trans-generational is what we must thrive for so our generations to come would enjoy it also.

Ideas are important. Every employer created a business model from an idea. Business models are created in response to a need.

How can you identify your God-given opportunity?

Firstly, know that God wants you to own your own and that you cannot be delivered from penury if you’re not an owner. Also know that service is essential. Greatness comes when you serve others. Finally, God doesn’t want you to bow your head shamefully but to stand tall among kings.
Being diligent is key as the spirit of wisdom is necessary. Set your values, it helps you filter opportunities.
There are four dimensions in business. These dimensions make a business enviable.
The Pragmatic Dimension
The Management Dimension
The Covenant Dimensione
The Sustainability Dimension

Fundamentals in identifying business opportunities

Rebuilding the foundation of your business values. Psalm 11:3
Engage the force of desire and separation
Activate the mind that magnets every other opportunity.

To rebuild the foundation of your Business values, you must do the following:
Forgive yourself for making those mistakes that placed your business at risk.
Put a control on your reaction to things. Set up a standard of excellence that will keep you from slipping into errors.
Business flexibility. Learn from others especially your associates or employees. Don’t be too rigid.
The altar. Serve people. Use every adversity to stimulate you into creative advantage

Learn to creatively survive on goodwill.Build relationships even with the unrighteous because God uses any to bless His children. Be faithful when working for someone else because you are laying the foundation for your own business.

If the foundation be destroyed, the righteous can do something! God bless you!

References: Jeremiah 4:3, Proverbs 22:29, Psalm 11:3, Exodus 20:24,25, Luke 16:9-12.

By Pastor Fidelis Umukoro

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Fidelis Umukoro 

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