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And the rest, some on boards and some on broken pieces of the ship. And so it came to pass, that they escaped all safe. Acts 27:44

Paul, in his voyage to Rome ran into a serious problem on the high sea with the people that sailed with him as their ship encountered strong wind for many days. When all hope that they would be saved was lost, Paul declared to his companions on the ship that “there shall be no loss of any man’s life among you, but of the ship.” After this declaration, the ship got broken under the violent wind. Those who could swim jumped into the sea and swam to the shore. Some others got on boards and made it to the shore while some held to the broken pieces of the wood (splinter) from the ship and they equally got to the shore.

The good news is that they all escaped safe to land regardless of how remote their various chances of making it was. God’s grace and mercy prevailed according to what He told Paul through the Angel; ‘ for there stood by me this night the angel of God whose I am, and whom I serve, saying, fear not Paul; thou must be brought before Caesar; and lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee. Acts 27:23-24.

SPLINTER means little pieces of wood. The chance that anyone holding to it will survive and safely sail to the shore in a stormy sea is very faint or even zero. Two people made it possible: God who released His grace through His word; and the people who held tight to the splinter trusting God to use the little thing to bring great deliverance.

No matter how remote your chance of making it in life is, as you trust in God and hold tight to that little chance or opportunity, you will definitely make it. Whether you went through rough and windy road in life is not the issue. When you make it there; you are there. Another person may fly to the shore or have a smooth sail or easy ride to get there. The good news is that you are there too despite the challenges. The billionaires of today have different stories of how they got there. Some inherited their billions while some laboured so hard to get there but when they got there, how easy or hard it was to reach there would no longer be an issue.

There are people who were born with silver spoon, they did not struggle for anything in life, and they did not know what it is to be driven from school for school fees. They never faced any embarrassment from Landlords. They have no experience of public transport. They simply flew to the top. On the other hand, there are others like me and maybe you who had to contend for everything including the basic necessities of life; trusting and looking up to God and fighting the good fight of faith to survive in life, passing through rough and rugged road to cross to the next level of destiny.

No matter the group you fall into, when you get to the top you are there. Whether you get there with ease or through rough road is no longer relevant. The good news is that God has helped you to the top. Someone may start a church ministry with full equipment in a fully furnished hall and having a lot of money to play with, while you start yours under the tree without any equipment or money to throw around. As long as you are faithful to God and committed to your calling, success will surely be yours. Your present struggles shall not be remembered again. Your small business can turn big. God can use it to build a multinational company if you can hold on to that little chance of making it.

Anywhere God sees faithfulness and commitment He adds his Grace and Mercy. He will make impossibility possible when His Grace and Mercy are working for you. He will cause you to fly high and you will not be inferior to anyone anywhere anymore.

Finally, if you are struggling today whether in business, ministry, academics or in life generally, do not give up. Just hold on. Be faithful to God and be committed to doing whatever He has put in your hands. Do not write off yourself even when people write you off. As you hold to your splinter by faith, our Lord Jesus Christ will locate you and take you to the top and your past struggles shall not be remembered any more

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