Got Jesus

Viewers, before quitting this site you need to know the most important personality in your life – Jesus.

You should understand that this life is fleeting and terminal. Every man has an appointed day with death after which judgment is imminent. Hebrews 9:27.

The dust returns to earth and spirit which was given to you by God goes back to the giver, However, death is not the end of life.

The conclusion of the matter is fear God and keep his commandment for this is the whole duty of man and judgment shall visit every work, whether it be good or evil.

All you need do is to declare Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

Just say this Prayer;

Lord Jesus I come before you today as a sinner I have lived my life in my own way and left you. I realize today that I have disobeyed you. Lord I confess my sins today please forgive me and cleanse me with your blood.

Thank you Lord I am Saved.

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